Meet Mysa.
The only Smart Thermostat that lets you take full control of your electric heat.
4.6 Rating
Based on 500+ Reviews
“Finally a smart thermostat for electric baseboard heated homes! Can't wait for SmartThings integration. Great customer support too.”
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You spend up to 60% of your electricity bill on home heating.

Get smart about saving.

Your heat is in your hands.
Remote Control
Energy Charting
Vacation Mode

Now App-roaching comfort

If you have access to your phone, you have access to your home. Don’t worry about leaving the heat on - control your heat from anywhere in the world with our Android and iOS apps.

Set a schedule in minutes

We’ve built Mysa’s scheduling system to give you the flexibility to change on the go. Leave the 9 to 5 behind and decide your own program. You and your thermostat will have the same schedule - or no schedule at all.

Location Location Location

Mysa can use your smartphone’s location services so you never have to worry about paying to heat an empty space. Forget to turn off the heat when you left this morning?

Chart your course towards savings

Daily tracking of your energy use will help you see how Mysa's saving you real dollars.

Jet-setting doesn’t mean resetting

It just means simply pressing a button. So whether it’s for a day, a week, or until you’ve got the perfect tan, you don’t have to worry about your heat kicking in back at home.

Zone in on comfort

Team up your Mysas to add precision to your home heating. Do bedtime right by keeping the kids’ rooms on the same schedule, or keep the whole basement nice and cozy for movie night.

From A.C. Picariello Jr on
“Since I often need to raise the temperature before getting to the house this is a God send.”
From Brandon Quann on
“Operation with the app is very user friendly and intuitive. We managed to use every feature without having to read the manual.”
From François-Michel B. on
“They are perfect. Smart, easy to use and nice-looking. The app is intuitive and is well maintained by developers with new features added regularly since launch.”
From François-Michel B. on
“We've saved at least 20$ in heating per month compared to last year (with programmable thermostats).”
From A.C. Picariello Jr on
“Since I often need to raise the temperature before getting to the house this is a God send.”
From Brandon Quann on
“Operation with the app is very user friendly and intuitive. We managed to use every feature without having to read the manual.”
Snazzy, Stylish, Smart.
Sleek Design

Simple never goes out of style

Mysa follows a straightforward design philosophy - less is more. No complicated menus, no ugly screens. No excess. Just Mysa smiling brightly back at you.

Your electric heaters just enrolled in school

Baseboard heaters got a new best friend, and fan-forced heaters got their new biggest fan. Mysa’s the smartest choice for all your high-voltage needs - from 120V all the way up to 240V.

Rule number 1: Build an awesome thermostat

Mysa is smarter than your average thermostat. With advanced specs and top-of-the-line components, Mysa will save you money simply by being the best high-voltage thermostat on the market - connected or not.

From Jordan Kung on
“The design really suits the modern look of the living room compared to the old mechanical thermostat that was there before.”
From Zippo on
“My Mysas were super easy to install and set up, and I've never replaced a thermostat before in my life.”
From PatMan on
“The difference is astonishing. The heat is even and pleasant throughout, there's no "oh I'm too hot, is the relay clicking off yet?!" (or vice versa) experience.”

See if Mysa works for you

Mysa works with most high voltage electric baseboard or electric fan forced heating systems.

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Smart is our middle name

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From voice assistants to smart home platforms, Mysa plays well with others - it’s the coolest kid on the smart home playground.

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We've warmed many hearts
4.6 / 5
Star Ratings
Based on 500+ Reviews
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5.0/ 5
Finally, the smart device I've been looking for — honestly!
By Zippo on July 26, 2018
Beautiful Interface & Extremely Easy to Install!
This was my first time buying/using a smart/programmable thermostat and am very pleased with it! Within a half hour of opening and reading the installation guide I had it fully installed, connected to Apple home and a customized schedule set to suit me.
Google Play
4.7/ 5
Wonderful product. Looks beautiful in my apartment.
By Mark Wong on July 13, 2018
Mark Wong
Wow I am blown away!
I have set up 4 devices today it was super easy there was no hiccups whatsoever control is almost instantaneous it looks nice on the wall gives very very slith amount of heat when temperatures are reached which leaves the room at a constant temperature. So far I LOVE IT.
App Store
4.3/ 5
Just set up my Mysa and I couldn’t be happier!
By HippieDrink on April 13, 2018
Had some issues a few months ago. Some thermostats would go offline and not come back online. Happened a few times but it seems this issue has been resolved by an update. For the last few months my four units have been functioning great. Mind you, the heat has mostly not been on. :) Very happy with these!