Who are we? How did we get here? What do we care about? Are we dog people or are we cat people? (hint: both)

Mission Statement

We want to help the world become more environmentally friendly and sustainable through energy efficiency and conservation, led by innovative technology that enriches our lives.


How long did it take for our room to heat up?


It all began with a solar heater made out of a recycled pop can.

Josh Green had come up with the idea in his final year of Mechanical Engineering. An eco-conscious guy by nature, Josh made it his goal to find practical ways to do reduce people’s energy use and make the world more sustainable. He began offering energy audits for homeowners looking to cut back on energy use as a way to fund the heater - and stay green. Empowered Homes was born.


It’s time to be smarter by being “smart”.

Josh knew that home energy use is heavily skewed towards heating. He was recommending smart thermostats as a way to customize schedules and monitor use, making the process much more efficient and lowering costs. But there was a problem: here in cold ‘ole Newfoundland a lot of houses have electric heat - and there weren’t many (or any, really) options available. Suddenly, a lightbulb (energy efficient, of course) turns on in Josh’s head. He’d soon be spending his own energy elsewhere - building a smart thermostat for electric heaters.


Things start to heat up.

Josh enlists his brother, Zach, a fellow engineer, and begins to explore building a high voltage smart thermostat. They take the idea to Zach’s entrepreneurship class and build interest in the project from incubators and investors. By March they had enlisted the support of the Genesis Center and Propel ICT - incubators for Canadian based technology startups. By June, they had started to hire more people to help them build an actual thermostat.
Mysa was born.


It’s alive!

Mysa becomes available for preorder and things start ramping up. The little Thermostat that could is catching the eye of venture funding firms. Mysa is no longer just an idea in Josh’s brain - it’s become a full fledged company, rapidly growing to meet the demands of development. Building a high quality, smart device takes a lot of work, a lot of talent, and a fair bit of time.

By the end of the year Mysa had been fully certified and was approaching 5000 preorders.


Where are we now? We’re in your homes!

Mysa has made it to the homes of thousands of customers. We’re saving the environment, saving people money, and using innovative technology to help alleviate the energy problems that our generation faces. With a team of 28 strong (and growing), we’re looking forward to making a difference for a long time to come.