We’ve Sure Come a Long Way!

The launch of Mysa was, well, a little complicated in hindsight (to say the least). Regulatory approvals, manufacturing setbacks; a lot of little things sprung up at the same time, working against us and causing delay after delay. But by March 2018, we had finally begun shipping Mysas to our loyal and patient preorder community. We were so proud that these first Mysas came stocked with a full slate of features for us to build upon:

  • Complete iOS and Android apps
  • Apple HomeKit compatibility
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Zoning
  • Easy Scheduling

From Launch to Life in Thousands of Homes.

Since that first box of Mysas, we’ve done a whole lot to make Mysa the best it can be. With an expanded software team, we’ve greatly improved the connectivity of the Mysa unit. We’ve made our app more responsive. We’ve squashed so many bugs. We’ve tested, retested, and retested again. All the hard work has led us to a product that we’re so very proud of. Since launch, we’ve added:

  • Vacation mode
  • IFTTT Integration
  • Eco-Mode
  • Energy Charting
  • Temperature and Setpoint History
  • SmartThings Integration

And coming very soon:

  • Multi-User Functionality (Development in progress)
  • Native Geolocation (Currently in Beta)
  • Min/Max Setpoint Lockout
  • Tablet Version of App
  • Full SmartThings Integration (Already complete; just waiting for official approval from Samsung)

A New Roadmap for the Future.

All of these additions lead us up to the present day. Your Mysas are here to help with all your heating needs! The current selection of features will help you keep your energy use in check without sacrificing comfort. Just check your charts to see the savings rack up, and customize the whole feature-set for your lifestyle.

That’s not to mention all the things we’ll add over the winter and beyond! Additionally, we are planning to add the following features:

  • Energy Charting V2 (More detailed reports)
  • Refined Thermostat Display Control
  • Multi-Home Functionality
  • Notifications
  • Time to Setpoint Learning for Preheating
  • Schedule for Display Brightness 
  • Personalized Energy Reports
  • Schedule Learning
  • Works with Nest